Afrika: Playstation 3. Video Game.

Afrika: Playstation 3. Video Game.
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- Playstation 3 exclusive Afrika. It's a game with no violence, no blood, no time limits, and no stress. It's about exploring the wilderness of an un-named African country in which it's set, enjoying its atmosphere, and admiring the native wildlife. - The player is a safari photographer on a mission to shoot the African wildlife in its natural habitat-- and that's "shoot" as in "photograph,y" not as in shoot to kill. Afrika is entirely non-violent, unless you count the feeding habits of its predators. - Once you pick your assignment, you can make your way from your base camp on foot, in jeep, or in a hot-air ballon to the right area, snd seek out your target. Once you track them down, you have to sneak into a position for the perfect shot. Click the shutter and you"ll be ranked on the quality of your snap and rewarded accordingly. And that's about it. As you progress you"ll earn better equipment, gain access to new areas, and snap your way through 70 animals. - it's beautiful, soothing, relaxing, one of the most pleasant, enjoyable, and gently engrossing games. - It has an award winning and atmospheric soundtrack.