Bamboo Luxury Towels.

Bamboo Luxury Towels.
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* Indulge Yourself With Bamboo Towels Softer Than Fleece; 4x More Absorbent Than Cotton Terry. * These made available only to guests staying in the exclusive resorts around the globe are now available at the comfort of your home. Made from a lush blend of cellulose bamboo fibers and combed Egyptian Cotton, these towels absorb water more quickly and completely precisely the water-loving characteristic that lets bamboo plants grow a startling 12-18 a day in tropical rain forests! And our Bamboo Towels are naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and odor resistant due to bamboo's naturally occuring anti-microbial agent. Combined with the luxury of combed Egyptian Cotton, these Towels wrap around your skin in a plush, silky embrace that makes you feel positively over indulged just like spoiled Africans with numerous secrets to life. Choose from 12 soft shades, as shown. * (Bath - 56 x 28)