Classic Golden Cotton Poplin Men's Shirt.

Classic Golden Cotton Poplin Men's Shirt.
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* Care: Machine washable, tumble dry * Chest: Not boxy and not too slim. Comfortable across the shoulders and chest with a slight taper through the waist. * Collar: Button-down collar * Color: Large-scale sunset plaid of gold, brown, blue, and pink * Detailing: Pointed chest pocket, Oxford cloth detailing in cuff placket * Fabric: 100% Cotton Poplin * Bonobos Style. * In those last wee moments of daylight, there burns a magically slim stretch of time known as the Golden Hour of Bonobos, full of rare hues that are precious to photographers and sun-worshipers alike. Those rich and lambent shades are celebrated in our own Golden Hour plaid, a lightweight cotton poplin reminiscent of the magic time that prefaces a sunset and ushers in the night to come . . .

* Bonobos spring plaids are crafted from our famous 100% cotton shirting poplin, but feature patterns and colors made just for the season. Bright hues, lightweight fabric, and a flattering Bonobos fit combine in shirts that will stand out in the long, sunny days ahead.