C-W468 - Womens Sky Blue Brocade Skirt Set.

C-W468 - Womens Sky Blue Brocade Skirt Set.
Item# cw468--womens-sky-blue-brocade-skirt-468
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Product Description

- The signature symbol of Africa's technological prowess. - The International look of African professional woman. - Dress yourself in this African majestic sky symbol. - Let your heart cruise with beauty, adornment into Africa's rich heritage. - Luxurious design of this brocade three piece skirt set. - Comes with wrap skirt, top, and jead wrap. - 100% brocade, best if hand washed. - Made in Africa. - Fits up to 54" bust, 57" waist and hips. Fits a small through a 22W. Just barely fits a 3X). - C-W468 - 15% sales profit of this product goes to Africa's Science foundation. Africa's Investment in the future, simply technical superior and forever frontiers. - The gold adornment symbolizes Africa's gold and wealth, great for majestic beauty.