Dennis Brown. The Best of Dennis Brown. Reggae

Dennis Brown. The Best of Dennis Brown. Reggae
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Disc 1

- Westbound train - Cassandra - Tenement yard - Africa - Here I come (Love and Hate) / Jah come here- (featuring I Roy). - Whip them Jah Jah - Wolf and Leopards / Step on the Dragon - Give a helping hand - Run too tuff - Created by the father - Black liberation - Oh what a day - Spell bound - Coming home tonight - Give me your loving - Can't take another day - My whole world

Recording Information: Randy's 17 Kingston, Jamaica. Lovers of quality old school roots reggae won't want to sleep on the collaborative work of vocal legend Dennis Brown and producer extraordinaire Niney "The obersver" Holness. When the two hooked up in the mid 1970's they created a slew of singles that have rightfully taken their place in the canon of classic reggae tracks. Essentials such as "Westbound train", "Tribulation"," "Cassandra" and "Tenement yard" are here, of course, showcasing the sweet-spot hitting balance between Niney's throbbing, bass-heavy production and Brown's smooth croon. The Set wraps up with some examples of Brown and Niney's reunion in the 1990's, making for a satisfying, comprehensive retrospective of the duo's work. Producer: Niney the observer. - Free shipping