Luxury Soft Feminine Bathrobes.

Luxury Soft Feminine Bathrobes.
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Product Description

* Sinfully Soft Bathrobe Wraps Your Skin in a Cocoon of Silken Luxury! * Our luxury Tropez bathrobes may be the softest, lightest and perhaps even the most sensual fabric you've ever experienced! Discovered by us in the South of France at one of the world's most chic and luxurious spas across the globe. Beautifully made from a proprietary luxury weave known as micro-denier fleece that makes even the finest cotton terry feel like sandpaper next to your skin. This is what I imagine a combination of goose down, silk, and cashmere would feel like, if you could somehow blend the best qualities of each into one! Long bell sleeves and generous cut make the Tropez comfortable for everyone from 5'2" to 6'3". Ivory, Aqua, Creme or Chocolate with belt and patch pockets. One size fits all.