Mens Classic Vintage Brown Motorcycle Jacket.

Mens Classic Vintage Brown Motorcycle Jacket.
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* Brown is the new black...Men's 28-inch antique brown cowhide motorcycle leather jacket with double-buckle straps at side hems, bi-swing back and underarm footballs, padded front hem and kidney back extension, snap tabs over zipper sleeve vents and satin lining. Union Made in the U.S.A by LOCAL 169 of WORKERS UNITED A/W SEIU.

Beautiful brown show with limited go

This is a very beautiful jacket. The best of it's kind. I ordered it knowing it was more of a fashion jacket than protective style motorcycle gear. I only have one gripe: the adjustable side tabs are all show & no go. They look great but there is no dart or fold behind the buckles; there is nothing to adjust! This jacket will provide the adequate protect of leather but will not accept additional pads. This is not to say that this is only a jacket for posers. It is heavy & extremely well made. I've seen jackets from well know "race gear" makers that offer less protection, no style, and carry a larger price tag. Is it a bargain? No. Is it worth the bucks? Without a doubt.

Here is the real skinny: I really dislike the guys that play black leather bad-boy dress-up for bike night. Very gay. The BS Retro-Rockers are worse. They live a romanticized version of the 50's. I was there; it wasn't that great. As a result, I DO NOT WEAR BLACK LEATHER. This beautiful brown vintage style jacket delivers exactly what it promises. It ain't racing leathers but will provide good protection without the pretentious pomp. Thumbs up even if a bit expensive.

Published: Fri, 4/10/2009 by W.J.S.

Tough yet smooth quality leather

For those of you that like the heavy thick rugged yet soft and supple leather jacket, this is for you!! I bought two of these; one "L" and one "XL". The large is a perfect fit, but slightly snug; in other words, I can't wear any fleece under it or it would be too tight. The "XL" allows room to wear a fleece jacket under it but the arm length is a little longer. As for the quality of leather?... Incredible! very tough leather by the main zipper, waist, elbows, collar but yet the other areas are slightly thinner but still thicker than most other leather jackets. The photos on this site do not do the jacket justice. The quality is outstanding. I have two other Schott Jackets. I have an older model 135 that I bought in 1995 which is slightly different than what they are offering now. My 135 has a bi-swing back that is also one piece of leather instead of three as seen on this site.

Back to the 585.... I would love to see more jackets like this one in different designs. Schott?...You've outdone yourself with this one! Highly recommended. Thanks for continuing to make quality clothing.

Published: Sun, 2/22/2009 by Adam

know what you are getting

It's good to know what you are getting when ordering on-line. Having already purchased a Schott 141L 5 years ago, I knew I would be getting a high quality jacket when I ordered my new 585 vintage jacket. I wasn't dissapointed. The jacket is definately one of a kind. Beautiful soft buttery leather which is reinforced in all the right places. New from my 141L are two inside snap pockets which is greatly appreciated. Because this wasn't available in long I was concerned about sleeve length. No perfect when on my Harley. The great thing about this jacket is that you won't be seeing everyone @ your local rally wearing one. If they only knew! Now I have to decide which jacket to wear to Sturgis!

Published: Mon, 7/13/2009 by Bruce R Carlson

Stunning example of African innovation, tradition, and American craftsmanship. This jacket has evolved, I love African Prestige for being such an international icon.

My Bride ordered this jacket for me for my birthday, as I have been eyeballing it for over a year. I am completely blown away! As stated in other reviews, the pictures do not do the jacket justice. It is, quite simply, stunning. This jacket will be perfect for riding on those (not so) cold Florida winter mornings. It will take some wearing to break it in as it is much heavier than it looks, yet somehow soft and supple. As a former union employer, I am continuously amazed at the quality of union craft labor vs. most everyone else. The construction of this jacket is no exception to my number one rule in life...'never try to beat a man at his own trade.' This product was not inexpensive but, as is usually the case, you get what you pay for. No regrets here!

Published: Fri, 10/19/2012 by Jackson