Mini Pleaty Raye. Watch Code: M95333

Mini Pleaty Raye.  Watch Code: M95333
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Size: 11.4" X 6.3" X 4.3" - The pleaty design is among the more fun LV offers, particularly in the soft and youthful denim monogram. - Each pleaty features Monogram Denim canvas with natural cowhide trim, heat pressed Louis Vuitton stamp, Saffron microfiber lining, gold-finished polished brass hardware, flap with press-lock closure, natural cowhide strap. - The Raye is a reproduction of museum bag classics making a come back. The stamp is a retro touch recalling the early days of Lousis Vuitton luggage designs. There's no mistaking with this special pleaty design that you're carrying the signature Vuitton appeal.