Navy Cuban Fine Linen Cotton Mens Shirt.

Navy Cuban Fine Linen Cotton Mens Shirt.
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Product Description

* Care: Machine washable, tumble dry * Chest: Not boxy and not too slim. Comfortable across the shoulders and chest with a slight taper through the waist. * Collar: Button-down collar * Color: Navy * Detailing: Button-through square chest pocket, back shoulder pleats, contrast tape details inside cuffs and side seam. Cuffs are narrow to allow for rolling. * Fabric: 55% linen, 45% cotton * A well-dressed gentleman who luxuriates beside the pool house? A resident of Cubaís most sultry city? A spicy-hot pepper known for its heat? Well, yes and no. Because while it may be all these things, to us, itís a gorgeous cotton linen button-down veritably made for beating the heat in classic style. Why? Because linen has been the go-to fabric for centuries when it comes to elegant comfort in warm weather. It naturally allows for air circulation both in terms of its weave and its rumpling, which keeps the fabric from your skin. The result? One shirt you wonít want to be without once the heat is on. * Style: Gentle bonobos.