Super Luxury King Size Bamboo Fitted Sheet.

Super Luxury King Size Bamboo Fitted Sheet.
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Product Description

* Silky Soft 100% Bamboo Sheets Feel Cool in the Heat, Yet Keep You Warm When It’s Cold — And Feel Like Heaven Next to Your Skin. * (80”L x 78”W) * Hidden deep in the Adirondacks near Saranac Lake, we unearthed a boutique resort so private, opulent and indulgent that you have to endure a background check to get a reservation. Once the private “camp” of one of America’s wealthiest industrial families, this exclusive enclave now charges over $3,000 per night for a rustic getaway you have to experience to believe. The food is five star, the accommodations Adirondack-style yet outrageously lavish, while the guests prefer their privacy. And the sheets are 100% bamboo fiber.

Not cold like silk, yet every bit as indulgent and luxurious next to your skin. The secret is bamboo’s natural-hydrophilic quality — the same water-loving trait that causes bamboo plants to grow a startling 12”-18” a day in tropical rain forests! Our sheets’ 250-count twill weave still lets air circulate, while bamboo’s unmatched natural wicking advantage gently coaxes moisture away from your skin while you sleep. So you’re never clammy in the heat, never chilled in colder weather. And you’re always coddled in 100% pure, indulgent luxury. Please select top-to-bottom: Bronze, Champagne, Crème, Azure, Spring Green, Pure White, Platinum Silver, Rose Blush, Sable, Sea Glass, Berry. 100% bamboo bedding; machine washable.